In addition to the “one-two punch” of Paris Bass and Heo Hoon, other players will also be crucial for Suwon KT to bounce back from the first round loss. In particular, the rebound of ‘Yangmun’, Moon Sung-gon and Moon Jung-hyun is urgently needed.

KT lost 73-90 to Busan KCC in the first round of the championship game on the 27th. The team played well in the first half, holding a two-point lead at 41-39, 토토사이트 추천 but allowed KCC to go on a 15-0 run at the start of the third quarter and never recovered.

Bass and Heo Hoon were the standout players for KT on the night. Bass recorded a 29-point, 10-rebound “double-double,” while Heo added 12 points. But aside from those two, only Michael Eric (10 points) scored in double figures. Most of his points came in garbage time. KCC, on the other hand, had five players in double figures, making it a great comparison.

For KT, the lack of production from Moon Sung-gon and Moon Jung-hyun was particularly disappointing. Moon Sung-gon failed to score a single point in 17:25 minutes of action, while Moon Jung-hyun was held to two points.

In fact, these players are more recognized for their defensive abilities. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t score at all.

The reason why these two are so important to KT is because they need to provide some perimeter support to help KT’s offense come alive. KT was able to defeat Changwon LG in the quarterfinals of the playoffs and reach the championship game because of their outside shooting at the right time. It wasn’t just because Bass and Heo were good.

KCC has many players who can lead the offense with direct ball possession, especially Heo, Song Kyo-chang, Choi Jun-yong, and Alize DeShawn Johnson, while KT lacks them. With Bass and Heo-woong leading the offense, KT will need to capitalize on the chances that come from them. KT will also need Moon Sung-gon and Moon Jung-hyun, who struggled in Game 1, to provide some outside shooting in Game 2 to have a chance.

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