Football player Hwang Ui-jo, Feb. 6, 2023 / Yonhap

Football player Hwang Ui-jo, now undergoing a police probe for the alleged illegal filming of a sexual encounter with a woman without her consent, has been additionally booked on charges of inflicting secondary harm to the victim by disclosing her personal details, a police official said Monday.Hwang and one of his lawyers were recently booked under a provision of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act that prohibits the disclosure of the victim’s personal information, according to the official at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

Hwang’s scandal erupted in June last year when indecent photos and videos of the footballer with women were disclosed on Instagram. One of the victims has insisted the footballer filmed her during sex without her consent.In a statement issued in November 2023, Hwang insisted the video was made with her consent, saying she is a celebrity who makes television appearances and is even married. At that time, some critics said Hwang’s act of disclosing the victim’s personal information that can hint at her identity may constitute secondary harm to her.The official said the police questioned Hwang in private last Friday on charges of illegal filming and are considering questioning him 온라인카지노 once again, if necessary. 

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