Hong Myung-bo, who showed “K League Power,” said, “I’m happy to beat a world-class team.”Changgeun is good at defense

Hong Myung-bo , the K-League coach who destroyed Atletico Madrid, did not hide his satisfaction.

Team K-League defeated Atletico Madrid 3-2 in the Coupang Play Series friendly match held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 27th. With this, Team K-League presented the bitter taste of defeat to Atlético, the ‘Spanish giant’ who visited Korea for the first time in history.

Team K-League got off to an uneasy start as Tomar Lema scored the opening goal in the 12th minute of the first half. However, in the 4th minute of the second half, Anton scored an equalizer by connecting a free kick from Cesinha with an exquisite back header.

A last-minute goal feast was held in the second half when the score was 1-1. Atlético wanted to win with Carlos Martin’s goal in the 40th minute of the second half, but Team K-League used a counter electrode. In the 43rd minute of the second half, Palosevic’s penalty kick made the score 2-2, and Lee Soon-min’s fantastic theatrical goal in the second half added time to bring victory. 안전놀이터

After the game, coach Hong Myung-bo said, “I’m very happy that our players won today in front of a large crowd. A lot of fans came to support the K-League. I’m happy to score a come-from-behind goal and win. I think I was able to convey my gratitude to the fans well. I do,” he said.

Head coach Hong Myung-bo added, “Of course, there was a slight difference from the opponent in the first half, but Lee Chang-geun’s save and giving up only one run seemed to be a great motivation.

■ The following is a Q&A with director Hong Myung-bo.

  • Domestic players played in the first half, and foreign players also played in the second half. Let’s pick a player who was impressed with that intention.

I trained for about an hour, but it was difficult to be perfect in terms of performance. The most important thing was communication. It could have been possible to mix Korean and foreign players for each position, but we decided that it would be more efficient to split them up for communication. Many players did well today. In particular, Lee Chang-geun blocked several of the opponent’s shots. It was nice to see all the foreign players doing their best for the team for 45 minutes.

  • Seol Young-woo was the only one who digested 90 minutes. He also played the role of center back.

Teemo was absent before the game, leaving a gap in the defense. Timo’s position is central defense, but he couldn’t play. I had to use players in that position, such as Jeong Tae-wook. As a result, Seol Young-woo covered other roles tactically in the second half.

  • What message did you deliver to the players at halftime?

I said don’t give up, and I said let’s focus on the set play. There was no time to prepare for the set play. He told me to cover that part well. I said we should play more calmly because we can score enough goals in the second half.

  • It seems that you prepared for the game seriously, even with the power analyzer.

Overall, I went in knowing the opponent’s play style image-wise. More importantly, I asked the players to do what was reasonably possible. As a manager, it is not realistically easy to say that we should beat this team, but it was possible enough to say that we should do our best. I said that to all of our Korean players and foreign players. As a result, it seems that such an appearance has become a game that can win until the end.

  • What is it like watching the match of coach Diego Simeone, who is famous for his defensive-backward counterattacking style?

There was also a level difference between us. Especially in the first half. I felt that we were a very well-equipped team tactically.

  • The song ‘Goodbye’ came out at the end.

I thought it was Ulsan. Turned on a lot of lights, very nice. It was good to win, but I was even more happy when ‘Goodbye’ came out at the end.

  • Coach Simeone expressed dissatisfaction with the referee after the match.

It’s a friendly match, so is there any reason to be so dissatisfied with the decision?

  • After the game, coach Simeone was angry and left. He couldn’t shake hands, so I wonder if there’s any regret.

There is nothing particularly regrettable about it. I am very happy and happy that the players representing the K-League have beaten a world-class team. In the meantime, while world-class teams came to Asia to prepare for the pre-season, it felt like our players were taking a break as well. I don’t like that very much. Of course, I didn’t make the atmosphere stronger, but I clearly drew a line. The result seems to have come out today.

  • After the game, coach Simeone mentioned Bae Jun-ho. how did you see

So much today… I think there was a burden because I was a young player. Still, the strengths of the player were fully understood through the last tournament. However, it is true that he seemed a bit depressed today.

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