As the first licensed third-party lottery courier service in the U.S., Jackpocket has recently issued a report named, “The Future of Lottery Courier Service: Identifying Opportunities & Challenges.” The study was conducted by Spectrum Gaming and it indicates that responsible lottery couriers, such as Jackpocket, can operate successfully within regulatory frameworks.

Currently, lottery courier services are on the rise in the country, and Jackpocket is on course to potentially reach half of the U.S. market prior to the end of the year. The app has awarded over US$300 million in lottery prizes, while also boasting a player base of over 5,000,000 users. These numbers will only grow as consumer spending habits show growth in online spending.

-Findings from the Report

“The Future of Lottery Courier Service: Identifying Opportunities & Challenges” finds a set of quantifiable best practices that the industry can implement as an agreed-upon set of standards and benchmarks. Peter Sullivan, CEO of Jackpocket said the industry wants to have more people safely playing the lottery and investing some of its revenue into local communities.

The report outlined that there were three key findings of the highest importance, which would help create a safe experience for users. First is the Transparent Order Fulfillment, which means that orders must be fulfilled on a one-to-one basis and an image of the ticket must be provided to each customer. Hence, ensuring couriers operate in full transparency for consumers and the lottery system.

Second is Unsanctioned International Lottery Sales Prohibited, which means that couriers, or their related businesses, must not be allowed to work with licensed lottery retailers. And the third is No Courier Mark Ups or Reselling. It applies to the real cost of a ticket and how it should not be marked by the couriers, and tickets must not be bought in bulk without an identifiable customer.

Additionally, Spectrum Gaming’s report finds that lottery play is expanding across the U.S. and couriers services help reach younger demographics and underserved players. According to the research, the provider is responsible for approximately 15% of all draw game sales in the Empire State on an average day, proving to be quite an important asset for the local industry.

-Expanding Services and Operations

In the past, Jackpocket made numerous upgrades to its offerings, thus keeping its top spot in the sector. In March 2023, the company launched a desktop version of its app making it accessible to an even broader audience. In addition to that, its service is available for both iOS and Android phones, providing much-needed flexibility for users.

The lottery provider brand is also looking to collaborate up with local teams, such as the New York Islanders to gain broader exposure. In October 2022, it revealed a deal with the team to become its “Official Home Helmet Partner.” Its logo was on display on the team’s helmets for the regular season and playoff home games for the 2022-2022 NHL season.

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