We interviewed a company that succeeded in saving energy with eyes on the ground.

It’s a metal parts company in Osaka.

Three years ago, they took a bold step by soliciting energy-saving ideas from all employees, with half of the savings going back to them.

Of the ideas submitted, 744 were implemented, resulting in an annual energy cost savings of 17 million yen.

Some of the ideas include placing materials to be melted on top of the furnace in advance to warm them up, and creating a lid on the furnace to prevent heat from escaping.

[Hiroshi Mori/Osaka Central Die Casting Technology Department: “It made employees think about efficient manufacturing, which is the ultimate energy saving.”]

When the Japanese confectionery maker’s energy bills rose by 100 million yen last year, it asked an expert to inspect.

In the end, 10 points were pointed out, 먹튀검증 including identifying heat loss from pipes not wrapped in insulation, and the company expects to save up to 20% by retrofitting its facilities.

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