Former South Korean national baseball team manager Kim Kyung-moon, 66, is fast becoming the next manager of the Hanwha Eagles in the Korean baseball league. He has met with the club and is expected to take the helm unless there are major changes.

“He’s one of several candidates,” a Hanwha official said in response to speculation about Kim Kyung-moon’s potential appointment, adding, “There’s a lot of speculation, so we want to appoint a new coach as soon as possible. Today, new CEO Park Jong-tae took office and we are discussing the appointment of a new coach together.”

Hanwha’s CEO Park Chan-hyuk and head coach Choi Won-ho resigned together on Nov. 27, taking responsibility for the team’s poor performance. Son Hyuk, who had planned to step down with Park, stayed on to lead the search for a new head coach with a working group, with assistant coach Jung Kyung-bae taking over as acting head coach.

As the coaching change was made while the season was still in progress,

The candidates were limited to those who were not currently playing for a team. The search for a new head coach was actively led by Hanwha Group, 바카라사이트 and was quickly narrowed down to three well-known names in the baseball world. Son Hyuk personally met with the candidates and conducted the interview process.

Former Korea National Baseball Team manager Kim Kyung-moon, who was the group’s first choice from the outset, was the clear winner. Kim is a veteran of 15 years in professional baseball, having led Doosan from 2004-2011 and NC from 2011-2018. In 14 seasons in the first division, he managed 1700 games, compiling a record of 896 wins, 774 losses, and 30 ties (a winning percentage of .537). With 10 postseason appearances and four Korean Series appearances, he has a proven ability to get results.

In his eight years with Doosan,

He led the team to the Fall League six times, including three trips to the Korean Series. After resigning from Doosan in June 2011, he was appointed as the first manager of NC, which was founded as the ninth club two months later, and has led the first team since 2013. From 2014-2017, he led the NC to four consecutive fall baseball titles and quickly established the new team in the league, leading them to their first Korean Series appearance in 2016.

Although the team has not been able to break the ‘winning streak’, finishing as runners-up in all four Korean Series, he has a strong charisma and a good eye for players, and he is known for his tenacity in developing players. He developed Kim Hyun-soo, a former Doosan player, into a first-team starter in his second year, and at NC, he turned Na Sung-beom, who joined as a pitcher, into a hitter and developed him into the league’s leading big gun.

He also has plenty of national team coaching experience. In 2008, as head coach of Doosan, he led South Korea’s baseball team to a nine-game gold medal victory at the Beijing Olympics, marking a revitalization of the sport. However, the team fell short at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, finishing with a gold medal.

With six years away from the KBO and three years away from the Tokyo Olympics, there are concerns about his on-field experience, but the group appears to have chosen Kim for his experience and as a symbolic figure in time for the opening of the new stadium in Daejeon in 2025. 바카라사이트 추천 Kim was also rumored to be a front-runner for the Hanwha job after the 2020 season.

Hanwha met with other candidates in addition to Kim,

Including a heavyweight with a championship record who reportedly withdrew for personal reasons, which naturally tipped the scales in Kim’s favor. An announcement is expected to be made on Sunday (June 2) after the team’s match against Samsung in Daegu once the details of the contract have been worked out.

Hanwha’s last two games under Chung Kyung-bae were a sweep against Lotte in Daejeon on May 28-30. They started to turn the corner with five wins in their last six games under former coach Choi Won-ho, and are flying high with eight wins in their last nine games despite the messy situation. They are now 2.5 games behind fifth-placed NC and have entered the top-five race.

Meanwhile, Hanwha held an inauguration ceremony for its new CEO Park Jong-tae on the morning of the 31st at the club’s office in Daejeon’s Hanwha Life Eagles Park. The ceremony was attended by the club’s executives and employees, and was held as a transition ceremony for Park and former CEO Park Chan-hyuk.

In his inaugural speech,

New CEO Park Jong-tae said, “I am grateful for the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of CEO Park Chan-hyuk, manager Son Hyuk, and all of our employees and players who have prepared a lot for the leap forward of the Hanwha Eagles over the past three years and six months.” “I hope that the fans who love the Eagles and all members of the Hanwha Eagles, including the owner and chairman, will be happy with the Hanwha Eagles. The path to that happiness can go in many directions, 360 degrees, but we must go in one direction, the path of victory.”

“Based on everything you have prepared so far, we will go on a path of victory, and with the nourishment of that victory, the Hanwha Eagles will soar high, far and long,” said Park. 메이저사이트 “I ask you to go with me with confidence in the foundation we have built.”

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