Former national soccer player Lee Cheon-soo criticized Lee Kang-in (23-Paris Saint-Germain) for holding an apology press conference on the same field where his teammates were training during the Asian Cup in Qatar, saying, “I don’t think that scene was appropriate.”

Lee said on his YouTube channel on Feb. 22, “To apologize to my kids while they were running around in front of the camera was a little bit out of line. In my opinion,” he said.

He added, “He admitted that he did something wrong. But to apologize while the players are running is the same as when I was in the past,” he said, 카지노사이트 referring to an anecdote from his former team.

In 2009, Lee was disciplined for misbehaving with a referee and was asked to carry the fair play message when players entered the stands at home games.

Myungbo said, ‘That’s not right,'” Lee said. I once heard that Cheon-soo was disciplined for ‘fist potatoes,’ but it’s not the player’s job to carry the fair play flag. I think it’s something similar to that.”

“What Lee Kang-in did was wrong, and I cried a little bit when I saw it,” he said, adding, “He should have done it where the players couldn’t see it or (apologized) with the players. The seniors just stand there (when Lee apologizes), but he’s apologizing when he’s just working out and running, and I don’t think that’s right.”

Earlier, Lee stood alone in front of the cameras before the national soccer team’s official training session at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Feb. 20. “I’m sorry I couldn’t repay your support,” he said. I will be a good player and a good person in the future,” he said, bowing his head.

Lee had previously apologized to Son Heung-min in person in February, when he traveled to London, England, to meet with the South Korean star.

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