After the end of the 2023-24 season, Real Madrid has finally officially announced its bid to recruit Kylian Mbappe. Real Madrid has been steadily pursuing Mbappe since its days playing for PSG. After a few transfer deals, Real Madrid ultimately won. Mbappe refused to renew his contract with PSG at the end of this season and signed a five-year contract with Real Madrid.

As predicted by the 홀짝사이트, Mbappe’s recruitment has led to Real Madrid establishing a “Galatico 3rd generation.” Mbappe forms the best attacking team with Vinicius Junior and Hodrigo. It also has midfielders like Jude Bellingham and Federico Valverde, making it the best team ever.

On top of that, Mbappe will earn a substantial salary. He will receive an annual salary of £15 million (W26 billion) and also receive a down payment of £150 million (W260 billion) for five years.

Mbappe Begins Disclosure On PSG

Mbappe, who left for Real Madrid, began his revelations about PSG. Mbappe said, “PSG threatened not to field me even at the beginning of the season. They made me unhappy by talking aggressively. Coach Enrique and general manager Luis Campos saved my life. Thank you.”

PSG, however, disputed Mbappe’s claim. “Mbappe continues to make undignified remarks and his words are spreading as they are,” it complained.

Ebe Chairman Strongly Criticizes Mbappe

Mr. Everest has strongly criticized Mr. Mbappe amid the ongoing controversy over his move to Real Madrid. According to 90 Minutes of the U.K. on Thursday, Korean time, Mr. Everest pointed out that “Mbappe is too greedy. He continues to be greedy and undermine the value of the sport of soccer.”

He added, “In the past, there were cases where clubs made big profits. But now, 바카라 money is flowing out of the market. No club has benefited from such investment. There is so much money that it can explode at any time. Of course, I want to take the lead. But I am in a dilemma when I am in charge of sports.”

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