Swedish longball is another name for Danish longball. It’s a bat and ball game that’s well-liked in UK elementary schools.In addition to playing it for fun, scouts, members of the Air Training Corps, campers at Wetheringsett in Suffolk, the Royal Navy, and the Australian Navy also do so. Additionally, some American summer camps use it.

Because it is frequently utilized as an alternative to cricket when played in Britain, timed innings and a set of stumps may be used. A cricket ball is frequently used in Britain as well, although many Danish longball purists disagree with this notion and believe that the conventional tennis ball should always be used in order to preserve the integrity of the sport.

Danish longball resembles a cross between cricket and baseball. Both teams exchange turns at bat and in the field. Some games contain the dodgeball rule, which states that if a player gets struck with the ball, they may be declared “out.”


The objective of the game is to “bat” the ball, run to the safe zone, then return to the scoring zone in order to score a point. While running inside the boundary markers is required, batters are permitted to “hit the ball anyplace forward of the batting zone. A batting team and a balling team are formed from the players. The batting squad is prepared to bat as they wait behind the batting goal. The safe goal is prepared to field, and the balling crew is stretched out behind it.


Fielders must collect the ball once it has been hit. They are not permitted to move the ball once it is in their hands. To get a batter out who is sprinting, they are permitted to pass the ball to a teammate. A fielder may toss the ball at those who are in the running zone in an attempt to strike out the batter. The impact must be below the waist. To catch a ball, a fielder is free to roam around. If a ball is caught in midair, the entire team is out and the inning is over.

According to the Federation For The Standardization Of Danish Longball, the playing field should be 50 meters wide, 30 meters long, and contain a 20×18 meter square in the middle.

The initial positioning of the fielders must cover the majority of the area. This will cause the ball to be gathered up quickly.

Fielders who move forward onto the ball can also see where the bowler is 메이저토토사이트 throwing next, making the fielding quicker and more effective. Some fielders will try to get close to the bowler and encourage them into positions where the ball cannot go behind them because if it does, they won’t be able to see where they are about to throw it.


Before the ball bounces or rolls off the field, it must at least make one contact with the ground. The batter must then sprint to a “safe zone” on the opposite side of the square. The runner may take a break safely, but in order to count as having “run,” they must return to their starting side of the square safely without exiting. Every player on each team takes the field. Until one team forfeits or scores 50 runs, the game continues.


  1. The fielding team member who caught the hit
  2. The ball does not touch the designated area’s ground.
  3. A runner is struck by the ball when outside the safe areas by the fielders
  4. He or she sprints off the edge of the square.

Longball is another kickball type activity that gets more players moving more often. Groups will become more sweaty and active while having lots of laughs and fun with some significant alterations to traditional kickball. While a few strategies are undoubtedly important, the main goal should be to have fun as a class or group.

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