All-Star Game Full Spectator…MVP, “Grand Slam” Chae Eunsung


The professional baseball All-Star Game was held in Busan for the first time in 16 years.

Despite the bad weather, 10,000 spectators from all over the country enjoyed the festival.

Chae Eun-sung, who hit a grand slam in the All-Star Game for the first time in 41 years, won the MVP.

Starting pitcher Yang Hyun-jong cannot hold back his laughter at Koo Ja-wook’s first at-bat with a girl group song.

[Voiceover] “Should we describe it as a beauty world?”. Yang Hyun-jong is fascinated right now.”

When the first pitch that he hit after organizing his long hair rose high, the crowd burst into laughter as they called catcher Park Dong-won “oppa.”

The performances prepared according to their nicknames, such as Noh Jin-hyuk, a “no prosecutor” who came out in a robe, and Kim Min-seok, who showed the dance of BLACKPINK Jenny, excited fans.

The 23,000 seats at Sajik Stadium were sold out due to fans who came through the bad weather across the country.

<Shinheungcheol / Wonju-si, Gangwon-do> “I live in Wonju. I took a car from Wonju, and my child told me that I had to go, so I came here with a hard time. It’s raining hard…”

<Shin Dong-heon / Wonju-si, Gangwon-do> “It’s my first All-Star Game intuition, so I’m even more nervous and thank my parents for giving me this opportunity.”

As if responding to the fans’ support, the players showed a cool play.

Chae Eun-sung, who won the home run race the previous day, won the MVP by showing the second All-Star Game grand slam that he has not seen since 1982.

<Chae Eun-sung / Hanwha> “I think I’m receiving good energy from all-star, but I hope my team will do well in the second half when I return to my team with this good energy.””

Samsung’s foreign pitcher Buchanan, who started as a batter, hit a timely hit against closer Ko Woo-suk, and Lee Jung-hoo, the most-voted All-Star, took the mound to replace the pitcher.

It was a place where everyone, regardless of players and fans, laughed and cheered and cheered for Korean professional baseball, which will fly again in the second half.

<Son Kwang-soo Yoo Je-yoon Cho Bo-mi / Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do> “Korean baseball fighting!”


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