The Doosan Bears of professional baseball have hired coaches Park Heung-sik (61), Cho In-sung (48), Paek Duk-yeom (54), and Kim Dong-han (35).”Following pitching coach Cho Woong-cheon, who joined the team from the final training, and pitching coach Kim Ji-yong, who was recognized for his potential as a playing coach in 2023, we have hired four more coaches,” Doosan said on Wednesday.Park Heung-sik, the former Lotte Giants hitting coach, worked with current Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop as a coach and hitter when he played for the Samsung Lions.

Lee, who was affectionately known as the “National Hitter” during his playing days, has referred to Park as his “mentor.” The two will work together as Doosan managers and coaches in 2024.When Lee began his coaching career as Doosan’s manager in 2023, he often spoke with Kim Han-soo, a “former manager and Samsung senior”.In 2024, Lee had one more “senior leader” to advise him.Former LG Twins battery coach Cho In-sung returned to Doosan after a three-year absence.Cho was the Doosan battery coach from 2018 to 2020.Pitching coach Choo Jung-yeom also returned to Doosan after eight years since the 2015 season.Kim Dong-han, who started his professional career as an infielder with Doosan in 2011, also returned to the organization as a coach.”The coaching staff positions 카지노사이트킹 will be finalized at a later date,” Doosan said.

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