The French territory of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea is home to Napoleon and boasts beautiful landscapes, but the tourism industry has been hit hard by the heat wave that has hit the region.

Temperatures in the south of France have reached up to 40 degrees. Tourists are seeking out restaurants with air conditioning for both themselves and their guests.

[Tourist: “It used to be 29 or 30 degrees Celsius when it was hot, but now it’s 35 to 38 degrees, and it’s getting more and more unbearable.”]

Many tourists used to go hiking, but they have no choice but to abandon outdoor activities in the heat. People who rent boats are also complaining.

[Tibor/Yacht Rental Business Owner: “When you’re cleaning the boat or getting it ready to launch in the morning, 카지노사이트킴 you’re suffocating all day long because you’re not in the office and there’s no air conditioning outside.”]

Experts point to global warming as playing a key role in the destructive weather.

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