The Japanese professional soccer J-League’s transition to the spring season has become a fait accompli.The K-League is fully aware that the wind of rapid change is blowing in the J-League, the league with which it interacts most closely, but has no immediate plans to switch.Japanese sports media Dos for Web reported on the 15th that the executive committee, attended by representatives of 60 J-League clubs, polled opinions on the change to the spring season, and 52 clubs (86%) were in favor.With the J-League Board of Directors meeting on the 19th to confirm the transition to the Chuncheon system, an absolute majority of clubs appeared to be in favor of it, making it highly likely that the J-League’s plan to operate the league as a Chuncheon system from the 2026-2027 season will become a reality.

In this executive committee vote, the J-League Secretariat had to choose one of three items: 52 clubs, deciding to implement a spring system starting from the 2026-2027 season and continuing to review remaining tasks; 7 clubs in ‘no decision to switch to the spring system at this stage and a review period of several months”1 in ‘not deciding on the switch to the spring system and not reviewing it’ Dog clubs voted.It was confirmed that one place that voted against was Albirex Niigata. Niigata is the region with the highest snowfall in Japan.The Japanese media seems to be accepting the change to the Chuncheon system as a fait accompli.The J-League secretariat has prepared a support fund worth 10 billion yen (approximately 90.9 billion won) to switch to the spring season, but the media shows greater interest in how this money will be used rather than whether or not the spring system will be implemented.It is expected that the tug-of-war between clubs will intensify after the conversion is confirmed over this subsidy, which is not distributed evenly and is scheduled 온라인카지노 to be distributed first to clubs with greater need due to the transition to the spring and spring system.

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