While the Korean Football Association is threatening legal action against Park Joo-ho, a member of the National Power Enhancement Committee, for whistleblowing about the selection of the national team’s head coach, soccer fans have responded to his exposé video with well over 10,000 comments.

Many soccer fans, or the public, are actually criticizing the KFA’s endless failures.

On February 8, Park Joo-ho, who has been a member of the Power Enhancement Committee since February, exposed the situation through his video channel. Park explained everything he knew about the process of selecting a national coach. During the filming, the appointment of Hong Myung-bo was officially announced, and Park Joo-ho showed a dumbfounded expression, saying he had no idea.

Among these, it was the claim of the ‘domestic coach buildup’ that drew the most responses from soccer fans. It was claimed that the nearly five-month-long power committee meeting was a catering act for a specific domestic coach.

Park Joo-ho said, “Some people said that he should become a domestic coach. In a way, it was a buildup. “They were talking about it even before the meeting started,” he said. “They said, ‘Shouldn’t we have a Korean director now?’ I asked them, ‘What are the advantages? “He said, ‘What are the advantages of a foreign director, but not a Korean director? “It was all good,” he said.

He added: “It’s not that I’m against domestic coaches. We keep talking about the game plan, but it should be a coach who fits the game plan and our direction, so the federation can talk about it. The federation shouldn’t have announced the ‘technical philosophy’ then.” “There was talk about Hong all along. He was still on the shortlist even though he said he had turned down the job. Director Kim Do-hoon was also in the 12, and Amorim, who needed 30 billion won, was also in the 12.”

Park Joo-ho continued, “They said that Hong said he was dropping out, but he voted for who he thought was good, so to some extent, he was ranked high. It looks similar now,” he said, sharing a thought that might sound like a conspiracy theory.

Park also shared his thoughts on the change of interim coach Hwang Sun-hong in March.

What he found difficult to understand was that the Power Enhancement Committee voted for the head coach. The national team coach should not be chosen through a vote, as ease of operation is the first virtue. There should be endless discussions and qualifications.

Park pointed out. “I didn’t understand. It’s not a vote. How do you vote for a director? We did vote. I didn’t understand. I wrote down the reasons,” he said, raising his voice.

“I thought Park Hang-seo was the most favorable. He’s rested and knows Southeast Asian soccer well. I thought he could sacrifice himself once and then go back to his place to prepare. Coach Kim Do-hoon also knows Singapore soccer well. We just needed to finish the two games well,” he said. “I thought, ‘Why create a risk? It’s not like we’re going to miss the Olympics,’ but I didn’t understand why they would leave a coach who was preparing for the Olympics. I didn’t understand it.”

The impact of the video was enormous. Within a day of its release, the video had over 2 million views. The Korean Football Association, in particular, took a hardline stance.

“The Korea Football Association expresses its serious concern and regret that Park Joo-ho, a member of the National Power Enhancement Committee, distorted the activities of the Power Enhancement Committee and the process of selecting a head coach in an arbitrary way through a video on social media, which is causing great misunderstanding among the media and the public,” the association said in a statement on the 9th.

“His comments from his own biased point of view are disparaging not only to the National Strength Committee itself but also to the hard work of many members, including himself, and he needs to apologize and explain to the other members of the committee who have been working together 카지노 커뮤니티 for the past five months.” “The KFA will carefully examine whether Park’s comments violate the rules as a member of the committee and take necessary measures,” the statement added. With talk of breaking confidentiality pledges and more, it seems the KFA is considering legal action.

However, taking a step back, there is considerable support for Park’s comments. There have been many doubts about the selection process for the past five months, and many people believe that Park’s timely whistleblowing is justified.

As of 10 p.m. on Sept. 9, about 28 hours after the video was released, it had already received more than 12,000 comments. “We need to protect Commissioner Park Joo-ho, we need to stop stones coming from anywhere. I mean it. Everyone,” “Protect Park Joo Ho! We support you!”, “Commissioner Park Joo Ho, the majority of the people are on your side, you are our hero,” “Even if Park Joo Ho retires, he has a long life ahead of him, and he will have to work in the soccer world, and I feel that it is sincere to stand up to the KFA like this,” etc.

Was it a clumsy but flawless appointment? Or was it a one-trick pony after five months of pulling the wool over the eyes of the public and soccer fans? The public opinion is very clear.

Commentator Lee Young-pyo, who was a member of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup quarterfinals and played for PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Tottenham Hotspur in England, commented on the incident: “The federation has made several administrative mistakes in the past. Each time, I used to say, ‘Anyone can make a mistake, so let’s believe it was a mistake,'” he said. “But when mistakes like this are repeated, it’s not a mistake, it’s a skill. Seeing this, I thought that some kind of overall change is needed,” he said, pointing out the sloppy administration of the Korea Football Association, which was once again exposed through the national coach selection process.

Hong Myung-bo, meanwhile, is expected to make his first comments before and after the K League 1 Ulsan-Gwangju match at the Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium on Tuesday.

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