Kim Min-jae Joins ‘German Giant’ Munich…”My goal is to travel”

National team defender Kim Min-jae has finally entered Germany’s most prestigious Bayern Munich.

Kim Min-jae, who nestled in Munich for the highest transfer fee ever for a Korean player, aims to win three gold medals in the league, cup competitions, and Championship.

K Monster Kim Min-jae finally wore a prestigious Bayern Munich uniform in the German Bundesliga.

Kim Min-jae greeted the team through a video showing him undergoing a medical test in Korea in strict secrecy.

<Kim Min-jae / Bayern Munich> “Hello to Bayern Munich fans. I’m Kim Minjae.”

Several Korean players, including Cha Bum-keun and Son Heung-min, have experienced the German team, but it is more meaningful to join Munich, one of the best, as a key player.

Kim Min-jae’s back number is 3, the same number he wore when he acquired Scudetto in 33 years in Naples, Italy.

The contract period is five years until 2028, and the transfer fee is about 50 million euros and about 71.4 billion won in Korean money.

It is the highest amount ever for a South Korean player, far exceeding the 30 million euros recorded when Son Heung-min went to Tottenham.

<Kim Min-jae / Bayern Munich> “I chose it as a club that all soccer players dream of. My goal is to win the Champions League and win all cup competitions and leagues and travel.”

Kim Min-jae didn’t forget to say goodbye to Naples.

<Kim Min-jae / Bayern Munich> “I will always remember and support Napoli wherever I go.” Thank you. Way to go, Naples! Forever!”

Munich is considered one of the best clubs in Europe in name and reality, having won the Champions League six times as the most wins in the Bundesliga and the Cup.

He has produced legends who have made a mark in the history of soccer around the world, including Beckenbauer and Gerd Mueller, and Klinsmann, the coach of our national team, is one of them.

Kim Min-jae is expected to make his Bayern Munich debut on an Asian tour in Japan as early as the 24th.


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