People try out makgeolli, or Korean rice liquor, in this undated photo. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Wednesday that it launched the country’s new food tourism brand “Taste your Korea” along with the Korea Tourism Organization and selected 33 famous food, ingredients and types of liquor. gettyimagesbank

Aiming to attract tourists and elevate Korea’s status as a premier food tourism destination, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) announced a new food tourism campaign slogan, “Taste your Korea,” Wednesday. It also introduced 33 representative dishes, ingredients and types of liquor as core contents.

“Until now, the country’s gastronomic tourism projects have focused on promoting and commercializing individual food items rather than discovering travel content with stories. 커뮤니티 Based on the new food tourism brand, the ministry and the KTO plan to discover more gastronomic tourism content with stories and foster it into tourism products,” the ministry said.

The “Taste your Korea” brand, which aligns with Korea’s broader tourism brand “Imagine your Korea,” invites visitors to “Enjoy the various flavors of Korea that you like.”

The 33 items were selected through a food tourism advisory group of experts from the food service and tourism industries, academia and marketing fields. They are categorized into three themes, which are regional foods, seasonal ingredients and traditional liquor that represent each region and aim to distinguish Korean food content from that of other countries.

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