Hongdae Street in Mapo-gu, Seoul, was dyed red to match its name as the ‘Red Road’ for the men’s soccer final of the Hangzhou Asian Games, which started at 9 p.m. on Sunday. As the game was being played between Korea and Japan, the atmosphere was intense as ‘red devils’ gathered one by one hours before the start of the game to send their support to the stadium despite the cool weather on a fall night .When we arrived at 7 p.m., two hours before kickoff, all 1,500 seats were already filled. Soccer fans wearing red T-shirts, red pom-poms, red glow sticks, red devil headbands, and other supportive items arrived early. In addition to young adults with their significant others and friends, there were also many families with their children .Those who couldn’t find a spot or who happened to be passing through the area leaned or stood against the fences surrounding the square and enjoyed the events that preceded the match, such as dance battles and special performances. The restaurants and bars around the square were also packed with soccer fans. On the third floor rooftop of a cafe near the square, the seats with a good view of the large monitors broadcasting the game were filled up early, and the eyes of the patrons of the meat restaurant were all turned toward the monitors .Despite the different locations, the desire to see the national team win was the same. Red Devils cheerleading items displayed and sold by street vendors were also selling like hotcakes. “Of course Korea will win,” said Jin Seung-jun, 24, a university student from Gugal-dong, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, who came with three friends to cheer in the streets.”I love watching soccer games, so I came out to cheer,” he said. “It’s a shame that we have to stand because there are no empty seats, but I’m still excited to watch the game.” Jang Hyun-min, 16, a high school student in Songpa-gu, came to the game with four friends, wearing red devil headbands. “My favorite player is Cha Bum-geun, Son Heung-min is on active duty, and Lee Kang-in is my favorite among the competitors,” Jang said excitedly, adding, “I hope Korean players don’t get injured because they are already good, and even if I don’t have a seat, I plan to watch until the end.” Choi Seung-ju, 10, who came with her mother and friends, wore a red national soccer team jersey and waved the flag. He also had a picture of the flag on each cheek.” It’s my first time cheering on the street, but my heart is pounding and I don’t know if I’m cold or not,” Choi said, adding, “I feel like my country will win because I came out to cheer. “Kim Jun-hoo (9), who was being carried on his father’s 카지노사이트 back, also smiled shyly, saying, “It’s good to come out to cheer with my family.”

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