'The TIME' collection to be presented during the Paris Fashion Week / Courtesy of Handsome

Korean fashion house Handsome is set to make waves in Paris with its premium women’s line TIME as it unveils a new collection aimed at the global market. As a sideline event for the Paris Fashion Week 2024 Womenswear Fall/Winter, running from Feb. 26 to March 5, TIME showcases a new collection of some 350 pieces designed for the global market under the rebranded label “The TIME” at the Palais de Tokyo on Thursday local time. This marks the first time for Handsome to introduce its luxury women’s wear to the international stage for the first time since the brand’s launch in 1993.The collection, under the concept of “Confidential Club,” is characterized by a combination of bold, confident feminine aesthetics while maintaining the timeless simplicity and sophistication of the brand. For a successful presentation, Handsome tapped global talents. “We have hired the top marketing agency that previously worked with brands like Chanel, Dior and Cartier. Top-notch creative directors and photographers also joined for this special event,” a Handsome official said.

Some 200 fashion influencers and buyers from 20 countries are expected to be present at the show, which will help highlight Handsome’s commitment to expanding its presence in the global fashion scene. The Korean fashion company has participated in the Paris Fashion Week since 2019. It first presented SYSTEM and SYSTEM HOMME collections, fostering connections with international buyers and fashion experts. This strategy has fueled a 30 percent annual growth in global sales for SYSTEM and SYSTEM HOMME, leading to sales contracts with some 100 fashion retailers in 30 countries across Europe, North America and Asia .Handsome plans to open a flagship store for SYSTEM and SYSTEM HOMME in Paris in June. This marks the company’s first venture into operating a single-brand flagship store abroad, located in the fashionable Marais district. The store will take over the space of the now-closed concept store Tom Greyhound, which has been instrumental in analyzing global fashion trends and expanding Handsome’s sales network since its 안전 opening in 2014.

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