Man Utd and Greenwood have parted ways… “You are responsible for your mistakes”

Although he was cleared of attempted rape and assault charges…

“Considering the club’s internal opposition to the growing controversy”

Man Utd

Manchester United (Man Utd, England) will eventually break up with striker Mason Greenwood, born in 2001,

who was cleared of attempted rape and assault charges.

Manchester United issued a statement on its website on the 21st (local time) and announced its disposition,

saying, “We have completed an internal investigation into Greenwood’s allegations.”

“Analysis of the evidence obtained by United has concluded that Greenwood did not commit a crime.

However, as he has publicly admitted, he made a mistake,

which he must hold himself responsible for.”

“People involved, including Greenwood, recognized that it would be difficult to resume a career here.

It was mutually agreed that it was appropriate for Greenwood to leave Old Trafford.”

According to the Daily Mail

Greenwood also said in a statement: “I have learned that all violence or abuse is wrong.

“I didn’t do anything worthy of standing in court, and I was cleared of all charges in February,” he said, “but I fully admit that I made a mistake.”

“I am learning how to set an example as a footballer and accept the responsibilities I take on,” he said.

“Today’s decision was in consultation with United and my family. It’s the best decision,” he said.

In January of last year, a woman who claimed to have been assaulted by Greenwood posted photos of bruises on her body on social media,

and the police launched an investigation, and Greenwood was charged with attempted rape and assault in October.

Originally, the trial was scheduled to take place on November 27 this year,

but the prosecution suddenly stopped the prosecution in early February.

The prosecution said, “It is difficult to come up with a conviction realistically

by combining the withdrawal of the testimony of key witnesses and the newly revealed contents.” 바카라사이트


Greenwood, who joined the Manchester United youth team at the age of 7,

stepped on the first team stage at Manchester United in 2019 and grew into an expected player,

in February 2021, he extended his contract until 2025.

He played a total of 129 games for Manchester United and scored 35 goals and 12 assists,

but due to the incident, he did not play until January 22 last year.

According to local popular newspapers The Sun and Manchester Evening News,

Manchester United originally tried to promote the return of Greenwood,

who had accompanied them since their youth days.

However, Greenwood brushed off the legal issues,

but eventually withdrew the plan as the repercussions grew,

such as controversy among fans online over his return and a backlash from within the club.

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