The men’s and women’s national teams won a combined bronze medal in the Sport Climbing Speed Relay at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games.

The men’s team of Jung Yong-jun (Daegu Metropolitan Sports Federation), Lee Seung-beom (Chungcheongbuk Gyeongnam Climbing), and Lee Yong-soo (Oh County Climbing Association) clocked 17.827 seconds in the bronze medal match of the Sport Climbing Speed Relay at the Yangshan Sport Climbing Center in Kirqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China on Thursday, beating Singapore’s 23.169 seconds.

After finishing fifth in the preliminaries, the men’s team posted a time of 18.025 in the quarterfinals, narrowly edging out Kazakhstan (18.691) to advance to the semifinals.

After posting a time of 16.65 in the semifinals, the men’s team fell to Indonesia (16.289) in the bronze medal match.

However, the men’s team won the bronze medal match and took home a valuable medal.

The women’s team of Choi Nau (Family Mountaineering), Jeong Ji-min (The North Face Climbing Team), and Noh Hee-joo (Family Mountaineering) clocked 26.901 seconds in the bronze medal race to beat Kazakhstan, who clocked 27.998 seconds.

The women’s team, who finished second in qualifying and advanced to the semifinals, lost to Indonesia in the four-jogging event. South Korea posted a time of 26.954 and Indonesia 21.869.

But like the men’s team, they won the bronze medal match.

The speed relay is run between two 15-meter-high rock walls. The first runner finishes on the left wall, presses a button, and the second runner starts on the right wall. After the second runner finishes, the third runner starts to climb the left wall. The order of finish is determined by the fastest time of all three runners.

This is the first time South Korea has won a speed event medal in sport climbing, which became an Asian Games program at Jakarta-Palembang in 2018.

At the Jakarta-Palembang Games, Korean sport climbing won one gold, one silver and one bronze medal. Chun Jong-won won the gold medal in the men’s 카지노 combined, while Sasol and Kim Jain took silver and bronze in the women’s combined. However, no medals were won in the speed events.

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