From left, posters for  'Good Partner,' 'The Auditors' and 'Serendipity's Embrace' / Courtesy of SBS and tvN

A string of TV shows, from legal and office dramas to action blockbusters, are scheduled to premier in the month of July.

TvN is debuting two new series this month, the office drama “The Auditors” and the romance “Serendipity’s Embrace.”

“The Auditors,” which will start airing on Saturday, revolves around a cool-headed auditor, Shin Cha-il (Shin Ha-kyun) who is newly assigned as the leader of the audit team at a construction company. He has sharp judgment and is strong-headed and decisive when it comes to work. At his new team, he meets a softhearted rookie, Goo Han-soo (Lee Jung-ha), who joined the team as his ticket to get transferred to the company’s Florida branch.

The two opposite people join hands to eradicate the corruption and fraud that the company has been sitting on, going against the company’s 안전 ambitious vice president and heir, Hwang Dae-woong (Jin Goo), who is eager to beat out his two older brothers to become the president.

The series is led by director Kwon Young-il, whose previous work includes the rom-com series “Wedding Impossible” and the drama series “My Unfamiliar Family” (2020).

The rom-com series “Serendipity’s Embrace,” based on the webtoon of the same name, is set to premiere on July 22. It follows a have-it-all financial advisor Kang Hu-young (Chae Jong-hyeop) and an apethetic animation producer Lee Hong-ju (Kim So-hyun). Kang has always been lucky, never experiencing failure in his life except for his first love.

When he returns to Korea from the United States after 10 years, he runs into his first love, Lee, who becomes skeptical of love after experiencing heartbreak when she was young.

The eight-part series is helmed by director Song Hyun-wook, whose previous work includes the rom-com series “The Beauty Inside” (2018) and the period series “The King’s Affection”

Actor Jang Na-ra has taken on the role of a divorce lawyer in SBS’s upcoming series “Good Partner,” which will premiere on July 12.

The legal series revolves around a veteran star lawyer, Cha Eun-kyeong (Jang), who has 17 years of experience in divorce law at a large law firm. Just when she’s on the brink of ending her own marriage, she meets Han Yoo-ri (Nam Ji-hyun), a stubborn rookie lawyer. The two work together to navigate different divorce cases that change their perspective on life.

The series is led by director Kim Ga-ram, who previously helmed the romance series “Nevertheless” (2021).

Netflix’s hit apocalyptic series “Sweet Home” is returning with its third and final season, on July 19.

The horror thriller series is about a troubled teen, Cha Hyun-soo (Song Kang), and the residents at his apartment, called Green Home, fighting against savage monsters when a mysterious phenomenon occurs, turning humans into creators.

The second season followed Cha and other neighbors leaving the apartment and facing new challenges in the outside world with the ever-present fear of monsters and another mysterious threat.

The highly anticipated latest season will highlight the last adventures of Cha against another mutant Pyun Sang-wook (Lee Jin-wook), who formed an alliance among the creatures.

“Since a lot of characters will appear, I hope viewers can enjoy rooting for their favorite characters while watching (this season),” the series’ director, Lee Eung-bok, said through the streaming platform. “It would be interesting to pay attention to the battle between Sang-wook, who has become a demon, and Hyun-soo, who is trying to preserve his humanity.”

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