K-pop girl group NMIXX members pose during a press event held at a hotel in Songpa District, southeastern Seoul, Monday. From left are members Sullyoon, Lily, Jiwoo, Haewon, Kyujin and BAE. Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

NMIXX, a dynamic K-pop girl group under JYP Entertainment, is set to make waves with the release of its latest album, “Fe3O4: BREAK.” Although the album’s name may sound puzzling at first, with Fe3O4 being the chemical symbol for the mineral magnetite, any confusion quickly clears upon experiencing the undeniable magnetic allure of the NMIXX members and their new album.Consisting of members Haewon, Lily, Sullyoon, BAE, Jiwoo, and Kyujin, the six-member group marked the release of their album with an energetic press event at a hotel in Songpa District, Seoul, on Monday. During the event, they showcased their magnetic charm, bringing a refreshing and lively atmosphere that deviated from the usual tone of idol press events. The attendees were notably entertained, with laughter resonating frequently throughout the gathering.During the event, NMIXX’s leader Haewon provided insight into the album’s title.”Incorporating magnetic-related chemical symbols into the album’s title is our way of showcasing charms that attract, much like magnets,” she said. “On the flip side, the word ‘BREAK’ symbolizes our determination to shatter barriers and stereotypes imposed by the world,” she said. What stood out during the event was the visibly strong bond among the members, evident in their passionate engagement as they attentively listened and nodded in agreement to each other’s responses. BAE, known for her vibrant charm, highlighted the group’s “fantastic teamwork.”

“Having been together since we were (idol) trainees, there’s an extraordinary chemistry between us,” BAE said.On that note, the members treated attendees to an impromptu a cappella performance of the album’s pre-release track, “Sonar (Breaker),” showcasing their extraordinary harmony.NMIXX’s prowess extends beyond harmonious vocals; their dance skills, recognized as unparalleled among female idol groups, shine in the latest album’s title track “DASH.”Leader Haewon shared that Park Jin-young, the head of JYP, praised the choreography, describing it as “exceptional from start to finish.” “DASH” carries on NMIXX’s distinctive genre, “MIXX POP,” combining elements from different genres. While past projects may have led some skeptics to question their cohesiveness, the latest track dispels such concerns with a more polished and harmonious blend.Lily, expressing her immediate fondness for the title song, commented, “The 2000’s R&B vibes and the Destiny’s Child-like musicality in the demo version were irresistible when I first listened to it. The ever-changing melody and rhythm offered a fresh experience.”Approaching their second anniversary next month, NMIXX members took a moment to reflect on their growth.”Over the past two years, my ability to embrace various genres has expanded. With each comeback, we aim to deliver new and improved performances,” Kyujin said.BAE thanked the fans for their unwavering support over the last two years.”I think I’ve spent the lat two years cherishing the moments I had with my fans,” she noted.”Every memory with our fans is precious, and I look forward to creating many more memories together in the years ahead of us,” she 토토사이트 added.

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