England’s “Tottenham News” reported on the 28th (Korea time) that “Kane is likely to return to the Premier League this summer and rejoin Tottenham.”
A former Tottenham Hotspur FC player, Kane was a “one-club man” until last season. Last summer, Kane changed his mind. In order to realize his dream of winning, he moved to Germany’s prestigious Bayern Munich F.C.
However, the reality is harsh. Kane did his part. In his first season in the Bundesliga, he scored 27 goals and five assists to become the top scorer.
However, Bayern, which has been ranked first in the Bundesliga, is now facing a challenge to win the title for 12 consecutive seasons. Bayern remains in second place, but it is still eight points shorter than Leverkusen, the leader of the Bundesliga.
It is not just the Bundesliga. Bayern lost 0-1 in the first leg of its round of 16 strongest teams against Lazio (Italy) in the European Champions League, putting it on the verge of elimination. In the German Football Association (DFB) Pokal, the FA Cup, the team was dragged behind in the third division in the first match.
He is facing a crisis of “no involvement.” Thomas Tuchel, who spearheaded the recruitment of Kane behind the scenes, is already expected to break up with Bayern. His contract with Bayern ends in June next year, but he has decided to let go of his baton after this season.
Kane’s complaint also erupted. Tuchel said he was not happy at Bayern. This is why the possibility of returning to England is being raised.
There is another reason why Tottenham is confident of Kane’s re-employment despite Manchester United and Chelsea’s moves to recruit him. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy made headlines last year when he revealed that he holds Kane’s buyback rights.
Once Kane returns, Son’s history with Son will resume. Son has scored 47 goals with Kane. He is the best combination in English Premier League history. He can also score 50 goals.
Kane will also start his EPL challenge to record the most goals scored in his career. He had 213 goals last season, beating Wayne Rooney (208).
Above her is Alan Shearer, who scored 260 goals. If she scores 48 more goals, she will have a new history.
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