Mr. Lee Mo-ho, a prisoner of Hwang Eui-jo (32, Nottingham Forest), who is accused of illegally filming a sexual relationship, has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Prosecutors asked for four years in prison for Lee, who is charged with the Aggravated Punishment of Specified Crimes Act, at a hearing held on Aug. 28 at the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Division 31 (Deputy Chief Judge Park Joon-seok).
Lee is accused of illegally disseminating a sex video found on Hwang Ui-jo’s phone in June last year and threatening her. Lee has steadfastly denied the charges, 카지노사이트 but recently confessed to all charges during a police investigation.
“I committed the crime with the intention of punishing Hwang Ui-jo for not recognizing my brother’s commitment to the couple,” Lee confessed, asking for leniency.
Hwang Ui-jo is under police investigation for illegal filming of sexual intercourse and secondary offenses. Hwang has denied the charges, saying that the filming was consensual and therefore not illegal.

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