The Sangsangjoong basketball team, which competed in the 53rd Autumn National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Federation Haenam Games at Usul Dongbaek Gymnasium 현금홀덤사이트 on Nov. 13, received applause from family members and fans who attended the event for their exemplary play in student sports.

In the first round of the preliminary round, the team lost to Hogye Middle School 52-84, but the players’ feet never stopped moving until the final buzzer sounded.

Regardless of the 32-point defeat, the parents of the players encouraged them with cheers for every play.

Coach Lee Byung-seok said, “I think students are more accurate than players. The outcome of the game is only worthwhile if you do your best. I want the players to be recognized for their ‘sincerity‘ and ‘hard work’,” he said, emphasizing his coaching principles.

“My coach told me to play without worrying about the score,” said captain Kim Hyun-chang (junior, 179 cm). Honestly, I do care, but I play with the mindset of learning one more thing on the court.”

Park Chul-hong freshman, 150 cm, the shortest player on the team, said, “I’m short, so I have to run around a lot to help the team. I want to eat well and play basketball hard during the winter so that I can grow taller and be more useful to the team,” he said.

Sangju will play the second game of the preliminary round against Kukdongbaek on Saturday (Nov. 16) at Usul Dongbaek Gymnasium.

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