The 2nd Jinju Mayor’s 3×3 Basketball Tournament will be held.

The Jinju Basketball Association will hold the 2nd Jinju Mayor’s 3×3 Basketball Tournament at Jinju Life Gymnasium 바카라사이트 on the 16th. A total of 36 teams, including 12 U18 teams and 24 men’s open teams, will compete in the tournament.

In August, the Jinju Basketball Association, which once again organized the KXO 3×3 Jinju Tour last year to spread 3×3 culture in Jinju, organized another 3×3 festival for basketball enthusiasts in Jinju and Gyeongnam.

Organized and sponsored by Jinju City and the Jinju Sports Council, the tournament is the result of the efforts of the employees of the Jinju Basketball Association. As the city of Jinju itself has many events planned for October, the tournament could not be guaranteed to be held, but the employees of the Jinju Basketball Association worked hard to ensure the safe holding of the tournament, and fortunately, the tournament was able to be held normally.

The employees of the Jinju Basketball Association, who learned how to organize and operate 3×3 tournaments through the KXO 3×3 Jinju Tour, plan to successfully hold this tournament as well, bringing joy to basketball enthusiasts in Jinju and Gyeongnam.

Won Hyo-won, executive director of the Jinju Basketball Association, said, “It was a burden to hold a 3×3 tournament so soon after the KXO 3×3 Jinju Tour. Especially in October, there are many big events in Jinju, so it was not easy to organize this tournament. However, so many people showed great interest in the tournament, and we wanted to give basketball enthusiasts in Jinju and Gyeongnam the opportunity to feel the heat of 3×3 once again before the weather gets colder,” he said, explaining the reason for holding the tournament.

He continued, “Unlike KXO, this tournament was organized as a 3×3 tournament for purely amateur athletes. Therefore, there were some concerns about the number of participating teams, but more teams expressed their intention to participate than I thought if our efforts were conveyed.” “Through this tournament, we want to show that 3×3 is also a competition for everyday athletes,” he said, adding that they will not only attract existing 3×3 tournaments such as KXO, but also strive to develop 3×3 tournaments for everyday sports basketball enthusiasts.

Executive Director Won Hyo-won would like nothing more than to see the efforts of the Jinju Basketball Association, which is working tirelessly to develop Jinju as a basketball city, lead to the development of basketball in Jinju.

“In the case of Jinju City, we don’t have an elite basketball team, so we’ve been focusing on recreational basketball. Nowadays, sports basketball is not in the same atmosphere as it used to be, but we will try to develop both 3×3 and 5×5 based on sports basketball from Jinju. With the goal of developing basketball in Jinju, we will continue to challenge ourselves to become the No. 1 city in both sports and 3×3 basketball. We, the Jinju Basketball Association, are planning to host the KXO next year, and we are also working on hosting the 5-on-5 basketball national championship for recreational basketball players, so I would like to ask for your interest in the future.” He added that he is steadily working to develop basketball in Jinju.

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