Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez (26, Argentina) also collapsed.

Manchester United defender Lisandro Martinez (26) of Argentina has collapsed again. He suffered a muscle injury in his calf region during a recent training session. He has already left the third leg of this season alone, so he will not be able to play in the field this month. Lisandro, who has become increasingly “glass body” (referring to players with frequent injuries), is disappointing his fans.

“Unfortunately, Lisandro will not be able to play for the next few games due to a calf strain during training,” Manchester United announced on the club’s official website on the 3rd (Korea time).

Another injured list with a calf problem

Earlier, Lisandro was out of the lineup due to a knee injury in early February but returned at the end of last month. He made a comeback as he was substituted in the 24th minute of the second half during the away match against Brentford in the 30th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) held at Brentford Community Stadium in Brentford, England on the 31st of last month.

Lisandro, however, has been placed on the injured list again this time with a calf problem. He suffered a calf muscle injury during training this week. He will not be able to see him play this month, as Manchester United announced he will be out for at least a month.

It is already the third time that Lisandro has collapsed due to injury this season.

In September last year, he was out of the lineup for three months due to foot injury. At the end of last season, he had to undergo surgery due to a metatarsal (bone that forms the sole of the foot) injury, but the cause of his injury was that he continued to push himself too hard. Then, Lisandro returned early this year, suffering a knee injury in February and a calf injury this time.

Lisandro was called by Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag (54, Netherlands) in the summer of 2022, leaving Ajax as a defender. He was criticized at the beginning for having difficulty adjusting to the EPL stage due to his small stature and lack of physical ability, but over time he showed stable performance. He played a total of 56 games (one goal, one assist) for Manchester United.

It was predicted that he would not be able to step on the ground for at least a month.

Aside from his outstanding performance, he is becoming more and more “glass-bodied” and disappointing fans. Some fans are angry at him amid continuous injury that began at the end of last season. For reference, Lisandro has been out for 238 days since April last year due to injury.

Meanwhile, not only Lisandro but also Victor Lindelof of Sweden is on the injured list. Lindelof is expected to miss the 토토사이트 for at least a month like Lisandro due to his hamstring injury.

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