“Even Japan is now getting physical….”

Lee threw 96 pitches in six innings, allowing six hits (one home run), three walks and two runs with three strikeouts in a qualifying game for the 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) against Japan at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on Sept. 17.

He completely erased his disappointment against Japan. Lee made a relief appearance against Japan at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March, striking out three in ⅓ of an inning.

This was a different story. He had the bases loaded and one out, but only gave up one run. There was also a home run that gave up two runs, but he stayed on the mound until the sixth inning. It has been about 15 years since Kim Kwang-hyun pitched a quality start (six innings or more and three earned runs or less) against Japan in an international tournament for a professional athlete.

“I’m only going to rest for about three days,” said Lee, who returned home on the 20th.

It’s been an unusually long season for Lee, but the short break has been motivating. Even though he pitched well against Japan, he was impressed by the pitching of Japanese pitchers with their unique delivery. 카지노사이트 “I’ve been watching a lot of Japanese videos this year, and there are a lot of pitchers with good balance and technical skills. Japanese pitchers also have good game management skills. They seem to be able to relax and play well.”

Lee added, “You have to keep working out. I felt that I was lacking in technical skills compared to Japan, and I don’t want to fall behind because Japan is starting to build up their physique. I need to work hard.”

Despite her deficiencies, Lee’s strong performance against Japan was a step up for her.

“I thought I could throw 100 pitches after the end of the season, but it was good to find my own balance,” Lee said. “It was good to get out of a bad situation (in Japan), and I’m satisfied that the balance I used to throw came out. I think it’s encouraging to have a good outcome when it’s not going well. In the regular season, I would naturally lose strength while playing and find my balance, but this time I felt like I was finding my balance.”

When asked about his pitching, which has led to expectations of a ‘left-handed ace’ to replace Kim Kwang-hyun and Yang Hyun-jong, Lee said, “Senior (Kim) Kwang-hyun and senior (Yang) Hyun-jong pitched well, which is why they went out (against Japan). I would be honored if I could do the same. I’ll try to keep it up in the upcoming season so that I can do well in the (upcoming) national team.”

With a perfect finish to his final outing of the year, 온라인카지노 Lee can go into the offseason on a high note. “The season is over, and I’ve found a balance, so I’m relaxed,” Lee said, looking forward to next season.

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