Namseoul Country Club, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (par 71) on the 8th. In the final round of the 69th Korea Amateur Golf Championships by Heo Jeong-gu, an amateur national title competition

national team member Park Jeong-hoon (Suseongbang Tong High School 2) powerfully attempted his second shot with a 4-iron with 190m left on the 4th hole (par 5, 494m). .

 Park Jeong-hoon succeeded in two-on and put the ball 5m into the hole, finishing it cleanly with one putt. It was an eagle.

 Park Jung-hoon, who entered the final day as the sole leader in the third round, knew at this moment that Heo Jeong-goo would win.

Park Jeong-hoon, who saved two strokes in the final round, won with a total of 12 under par 272 strokes, beating middle school senior golfer Lim Tae-young (9 under par 275 strokes) by three strokes. 

After winning the Jeju Governor’s Cup last month, he received his second trophy this year. In particular, he secured 750 Korea Golf Association (KGA) ranking points, taking him one step closer to being selected as a national team member for the first time in his life. 바카라사이트닷컴

Park Jeong-hoon beamed, “Last year, I suffered the pain of not being able to make the national team due to my poor performance in the Heo Jeong-goo competition, but I made up for it in one year.

I am happy that I won multiple times in the same year as my first championship.

It was very rewarding to win the trophy in the competition I wanted to win.” He smiled. Among the players participating in this tournament, Park Jeong-hoon was the only player to score in the 60s (69-67-69-69) throughout the four rounds. He reflected, “Namseoul Golf Course is a course that requires a good tee shot, so I played with the mindset of keeping my number of strokes. The results came out as I intended.

The putt was especially good. With a lot of birdies in the early part of the tournament, things went the way I wanted.”

Park Jeong-hoon, who was born and raised by a father who was the director of a math academy and a mother who was the director of a kindergarten, started playing golf when he was in the first grade of elementary school and found it fun after accidentally coming across a toy golf club at a local supermarket. 

He taught himself golf until his second year of middle school, and his skills improved significantly when he became a high school student.

In particular, Park Jeong-hoon said, “My play has changed a lot in one year.” 

At the beginning of the year, he built up his strength by running 30 minutes to an hour and a half a day and building muscle with weight training.

 Despite his rather small stature (170cm tall, 67kg weight), he gained the power to record a driver shot distance of 270-280m. Park Jeong-hoon said, “My shot hitting percentage is good. I try to swing my body by relaxing and feeling the weight of the head.

In a year, my shot distance has increased by about 20m. As the distance has increased, my confidence has also grown.” The nickname he gets from his colleagues is ‘Ttobagi.’ This means hitting a driver shot straight and far.

Park Jung-hoon ranked in the top 10 at all KGA competitions in the second half of this year. He won six competitions twice and placed third at the Blue One Cup Korea Junior Golf Championship, seventh at the Dream Park Cup and Songam Cup, and 10th at the Kakao VX Maekyung Amateur Golf Championship.

 In particular, with this win, he was able to shake off the regret of not being able to make it to the national team after tying for 22nd place in last year’s Heo Jeong-goo Cup. Park Jeong-hoon said, “It is as meaningful to me to wear the Taegeuk symbol as it is to win the championship.”

 He said, “Golf was fun to play since I was young, so I devoted my life to it.” He added, “I want to become a steady player like Lim Seong-jae. I will rise step by step.

I will play in the Korean Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour and later in the PGA Tour.” “It is my dream to play in ,” he emphasized.

Choi Jun-hee, who saved 2 strokes on the final day, ranked 3rd with a total of 8 under par 276 strokes, and Kim Hyun-wook, the winner of this tournament last year, took 4th place with 5 under par 279 strokes.

 National representative Ahn Seong-hyun finished in 8th place with 3 under par and 281 strokes.

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