Mountain after mountain. But you can’t just sit on your hands. SSG Landers’ “search for a new director” is also subject to a thorough internal vetting process.

SSG is currently without a director. Kim Sung-yong, who was appointed a year ago after parting ways with former head coach Ryu Sun-kyu, was transferred to the head of the R&D Center (formerly the development team) on the 25th.

This is a de facto demotion. Kim had been the head of the R&D center when he left his position as Yatapgo head coach in 2022 to join SSG. In this role, he led the development of young players at the Ganghwa Futures Stadium. However, he recently stepped down from his position due to controversy over his handling of the head coach selection and the secondary draft process. It’s a matter of accountability.

For the time being, SSG is without its head coach, who is supposed to lead the organization from the front lines. Of course, that doesn’t mean work has stopped. CEO Min Kyung-sam directs the overall framework, and each part of the organization is working on key tasks. Foreign player re-signings and new contracts are underway, and negotiations with internal free agent Kim Min-sik are about to begin. Stavrig is not so different from other clubs.

However, the biggest difference is that SSG has to find a new coach at the same time.

SSG is currently looking internally at candidates for the position. So far, it seems highly unlikely that the next manager will be promoted from within the organization. 먹튀검증 It is much more likely that the finalists will come from outside the organization.

The SSG organization has shown that it intends to approach the process of selecting the next manager in the same way as it did with the head coach. When Lee was hired, SSG shortlisted candidates after intense internal debate and conducted rigorous interviews.

It wasn’t just a formality. After the final four candidates were finalized, the club also met with them to learn more about them. During the interview, Lee, a former head coach of the team, revealed his opinions and views on baseball in detail, and was judged to be the most in line with the ideal direction that SSG was pursuing, so he was selected as the next head coach. In the process of selecting the finalists and hiring Lee, the voices of the club’s internal employees also played a significant role.

While it’s still early days, the club’s top brass are said to be satisfied with the outcome of the selection process. They are satisfied with the way things have gone so far because of his reputation. That’s why the next head coach will also be thoroughly vetted internally, and they’re eager to find someone who can move in the same direction.

After a series of critical mistakes, the new coach needs to change the current atmosphere and create the momentum to save the club.

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