NC Batting Lineup Ensemble… The top Batting Order is a Shower of Hits, The Bottom Batting Order is a Single Hit

The NC Dinos dominate this fall baseball with the bat.

The harmony between the top and bottom batting lineups, armed with a shower of hits and home runs, is dazzling.

With the cohesiveness of the 1st to 5th batting order led by the trio of alternating hitters and the powerful strike of the lower order batting team, NC ran for 5 consecutive postseason wins without a single loss.

In the first game of the professional baseball playoffs (PO, 3 wins out of 5) against KT Wiz held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 30th, NC hit one home run and 13 hits at the right time, winning 9-5.

It is noteworthy that, excluding the wild card game against the Doosan Bears, he led the game by taking the lead in four games, including three semi-playoff games and the first PO game. 카지노사이트

In the first PO game, NC built up a scoring opportunity with consecutive hits by Son Ah-seop and Park Min-woo in the first inning, and easily scored the first run with fourth hitter Jason Martin’s sacrifice fly.

Then, Oh Young-soo, who was silent in the second inning, went one step further with a left-center solo arch.

Oh Young-soo, who played as the 7th hitter and first baseman, hit 3 hits in 5 at-bats and had 2 RBIs, 100% meeting NC coach Kang In-kwon’s expectations.

Home runs by batters at the bottom of the batting order have become NC’s trademark in this year’s postseason.

It was No. 7 Seo Ho-cheol who hit a grand slam in the fourth inning to turn the score around 0-3 in the wild card game.

Of the seven home runs NC hit in five baseball games this fall, all six, except for Martin’s one, were hit by batters in the bottom of the batting order.

Kim Hyeong-jun had three hits, Oh Young-soo and Seo Ho-cheol had one, and pinch hitter Kim Seong-wook’s thrilling two-run shot in the first game of the semi-playoffs also came from the eighth batting order.

If the batters at the bottom of the batting order hit a surprising blow, the batters at the top of the batting order produce hits without hesitation, no matter who they are.

The three musketeers of No. 1 Son Ah-seop, No. 2 Park Min-woo, and No. 3 Park Geon-woo, along with No. 4 Martin and No. 5 Kwon Hee-dong combined for 9 hits, more than half of the team’s hits, in the first game of PO.

Son Ah-seop and Kwon Hee-dong each hit three hits to open the scoring and pile up the RBI.

The top five players in NC’s batting order showed off their even more powerful performance at the party by hitting 34, or 64%, of the team’s total hits (53) in five postseason games.

Coach Kang explained that he considered putting Seo Ho-cheol at number 2 instead of Park Min-woo, considering the data just before the first PO game.

However, it was difficult to easily change a batting lineup that had been hitting so well all fall, so they pushed ahead and achieved the desired results.

NC only used Oh Young-soo and Do Tae-hoon alternately, and the remaining eight members will be in a fixed lineup.

Even the left-handed mid-long-distance gun Oh Young-soo had a thrilling match against KT William Cuevas, so it is expected that the starting nine positions will be fixed for the time being.

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