Park Joon-hyuk (43), the new manager of the Lotte Giants in the Korean baseball league, suddenly resigned last year after working as the team’s front office.

Park, who joined the baseball team as a Lotte Group employee in 2007 with only one eye on the Giants, had been considered as a candidate for the next manager after 15 years in various positions.

After leaving the team, he made a surprise transformation into a CEO of a coffee franchise and was thought to be completely cut off from Lotte, but he eventually returned to the Giants.

“We have appointed Park Joon-hyuk, former head of human resources, 카지노사이트 as the new head coach,” Lotte announced on January 1.

The team, which had previously hired new head coach Kim Tae-hyung, believes Park is the right person to lead the team’s transformation into a sustainable powerhouse while maintaining its tradition.

CEO Lee Kang-hoon reportedly played a leading role in bringing Park back after he was the last to leave the organization last year.

Park has worked for Lotte since he was an entry-level employee and has experience in everything from international affairs and marketing to public relations, operations, and human resources.

Fluent in both English and Japanese, he also served as the head of operations when Lotte partnered with the Chiba Lotte Marlins of Japanese professional baseball.

“Even after I left baseball, I was still thinking about how to make the Giants a sustainable powerhouse,” says Park, who now has the opportunity to fulfill his dreams in a leadership role.

Park, who stepped down as CEO of a coffee franchise, will begin work at the club on Feb. 2 after organizing his personal life.

“I interviewed for the job in early October,” Park told Yonhap, “and I’ve already spoken with coach Kim Tae-hyung once on the phone.”

Lotte, which finished the season in seventh place, hired Kim Tae-hyung as its new coach to start rebuilding early.

Park said he has no problem working with Kim and will focus on supporting the team to achieve good results.

“I’ve been working in the operations team for a long time, so I’ve had a lot of contact with Coach Kim on the field. It’s a special relationship and a really good one. I’m looking forward to the future.”

The coaching staff will also be finalized soon.

The most notable part of Lotte’s coaching staff is the return of a legend.

Joo Hyung-kwang, one of the key players in Lotte’s last Korean Series appearance in 1999, returns as the first-team pitching coach, as does Kim Joo-chan, who was a key part of Lotte’s offense under former manager Jerry Royster.

Former SSG Landers coach Kim Min-jae, a member of Lotte’s 1992 Korean Series championship team, will serve as Lotte’s first-team coach for the new season.

“We have been communicating with the club about the appointment of the new coaching staff (even before the announcement),” Park said. “I think it’s important to create a system while maintaining the club’s heritage and tradition. Coach Joo Hyung-kwang and Coach Kim Joo-chan are part of that.”

Although the announcement was not made until after the postseason, Lotte’s coaching staff for the upcoming season has been finalized.

“The goal is to create a sustainable strong team,” Park said. To that end, we will be working hard internally,” Park said, foreshadowing the team’s breathless start to the season. 온라인카지노

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