Flowers are laid near Seoul City Hall, Thursday, at the site where a deadly car crash killed nine people, Monday. Yonhap

Citizens are left in shock following a tragic car crash that claimed nine lives last Monday night, as it occurred at a busy intersection in central Seoul near a bustling restaurant district frequented by office workers and residents.

Regular visitors to the district are seized with the aftermath of this devastating incident, which has led to fears that “it could have been me.”

Jung Hae-won, a 27-year-old office worker, said that she was in the vicinity, having dinner with co-workers on the same day and at the same time as the tragic event.

“I was so shocked after hearing the news. My parents and friends also called me because they were worried. I thought this really could happen to me,” she told The Korea Times.

Jung was with her 안전한카지노 coworkers celebrating someone’s promotion, a very common gathering for workers at financial companies these days. She was dining just one block behind Seoul City Hall, only a 10-minute walk from the accident site.

“The situation of the victims as reported was so similar to my own that day. It was even more unfortunate and scary to think that it could have been me,” she said.

Four of the victims in the accident were employees of a nearby bank. They were also having a dinner to celebrate the promotions of their colleagues and were standing on the sidewalk when the tragedy occurred.

“After the accident, I thought I should avoid the big roadside as much as possible,” Jung said.

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