Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana also admitted to the collision.

The Reds won 15-2023 against Wolverhampton in the opening round of the 2024~1 English Premier League (EPL) season at Old Trafford in Manchester

England on the 0th (Korean time).

In the 31st minute of the second half

defender Raphael Varane’s header was defended to secure the three points.

On this day, Onana made her official debut for United. 카지노

Onana is a replacement goalkeeper for legend David De Gea

who left the team.

It’s a resource that manager Erik ten Hag has tapped into early on.

He has been guarding United’s back door since pre-season.

Even against Wolverhampton

Onana did a good job of stopping Wolverhampton’s attack.


there was a scene of controversy in the second half of extra time.

Wolverhampton upped the ante in search of a late goal. In the process

Onana collided with Wolverhampton Saša Kalajdzic.

Onana stepped up to punch in a cross, which was cleared by Kalajdzic but was disallowed as a penalty after a video review (VAR).

Wolverhampton manager Gary O’Neill protested violently and was warned.

O’Neill said after the game: “It looked like the goalkeeper (Onana) hit Kalajdzic in the head.

I think it’s a foul.

If you aim for the ball but hit the player, a penalty kick must be declared.

Unfortunately, the referee gave me a warning and didn’t take any action on Onana,” he complained.

“I applaud Judge John Morse for apologizing afterwards.

I understand the rule that you have to respect the stadium decision, but I don’t totally agree with that,” he said.

Onana also briefly shared her side of the story.

“I’ve already made a decision and I’m responsible for everything,” he said.

There was contact between the two Wolverhampton strikers,” he admitted of the collision.

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