Jamal Musiala opens up about Florian Wirtz transfer.

Musiala was asked what it would be like if Wirtz moved to Bayern Munich and played with him.
In response, Musiala said, “Everyone knows how good Birtz is.

I had a really good time last season.
“Many teams want Wirtz, but the decision is made by Wirtz.”

He continued, “Wirtz and I often joked.
Some even tell me to come to Munich.

But I’m not putting pressure on him.
“It’s just a joke that can be passed between colleagues,” he explained.

Birtz and Musiala were born in 2003 and are the same age.
Wirtz is currently called Germany’s top talent.

Like Musiala, he plays in the second line.
He is a hexagonal midfielder who displays strengths in most abilities overall.

He has a particularly good sense, so he often makes plays that the opposing defense cannot predict.
Last season, Wirtz’s Leverkusen had a great time.

Leverkusen showed tremendous momentum from the beginning of the season and continued their undefeated streak.
They were not behind teams competing for the championship, such as Munich and Stuttgart.

Some people questioned whether Leverkusen’s sensational streak would last until the end of the season.
But Leverkusen did not stop.

We tied the games we were losing and won the games we were supposed to lose, accumulating points.
In the end, Leverkusen achieved an undefeated championship for the first time in Bundesliga history.

It was Leverkusen’s first top division title.
Leverkusen’s first loss came in the final of the UEFA Europa League (UEL).

Leverkusen advanced to the finals but unfortunately bowed out to Atalanta.
Still, he achieved a double by winning the DFB-Pokal.

Wirtz was the center of Leverkusen’s storm.
In offensive situations, he often created threatening scenes with bold play.

Wirz has scored 18 goals and provided 20 assists in all competitions.
In the Bundesliga, he recorded 10-10 and received the Bundesliga Young Player Award.

Many teams showed interest in Wirtz, who performed well.
It was natural.

Big clubs such as Real Madrid and Munich approached.
However, it appears that Wirtz will remain at Leverkusen.

Munich is the dream club that German players target.
If Wirtz joins Munich, Munich can form a strong attacking line with Musiala.

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