Veteran Jo Hoon-hyeon defeats Ma Xiaochun in Nongshim’s Baeksan Wanted… Battle with Yoda on the 23rd

Jo Hoon-hyeon (70, 9th dan), the ‘Emperor of Baduk’ of yesteryear,

showed off his rust-free skills at the Senior Baduk National Competition.

Joe 9-dan defeated China’s Ma Xiaochun (59) 9-dan in 260 moves in the 8th round final of the 1st Nongshim Baeksan Mugwan World Baduk Senior Tournament held in Shanghai, China on the 22nd.

As a result, Korea, with two survivors, 9th dan Cho and 9th dan Yoo Chang-hyuk,

was in an advantageous position to win the inaugural championship, beating Japan and China,

which only had 9th dan Yoda Norimoto and 9th dan Nie Weiping.

The match between Group 9 Dan and Ma Xiaochun was a fierce battle from start to finish. 온라인카지노

Group 9, which was slightly ahead after the middle of the game,

took advantage of Ma Xiaochun’s failure in the upper bound to secure a clear advantage and pull out a non-contest.

The 9th dan group will face Japan’s final runner, 9th dan Yoda, in the 9th dan final held on the 23rd.

The prize money for winning the Baeksan Cup,

a senior national competition for professional players born before 1969, is 180 million won.

A player who wins three games in a row will receive a prize of 5 million won.

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