Son Heung-min’s first move as Tottenham’s captain in the league opener has impressed many.

Tottenham Hotspur drew 13-2023 with Brentford in their 24/1 Premier League first round away match at the Gtech Community Stadium in London

England on the 2th.

After taking the lead through Cristian Romero’s goal in the 2th minute

Tottenham conceded a penalty in the 11th minute due to a defensive error by Son Heung-min, who conceded a goal to Brian Mbeumo.

They were then shaken by a late goal from Joane Wissa, but they took one point from Emerson Royal’s superb mid-range shot in first-half extra time. 온라인카지노

Son Heung-min

who started as the main left winger in the day’s game

wore the captain’s armband.

This is because he has been appointed captain of Tottenham for the 2023/24 season.


the joy of being appointed captain could not be carried over in the first game of the season.

Son Heung-min conceded a penalty kick in the 23rd minute of the first half due to a defensive mistake.

He tripped Brentford Janssen inside the box

but initially no penalty was declared and the game went on as it was.


the referee went to check the VAR and only then did he declare a penalty.

It was ruled that Son Heung-min’s right foot had made contact with Jansen’s left foot.

Son Heung-min complained to the referee

but it was not accepted.

Mbeumo, who came on as the kicker

slotted a left-footed shot into the far corner of the net that perfectly timed the Vicario goalkeeper.

It was even more disappointing because it was a fatal mistake he made in his first game as captain.

After conceding an equaliser

Tottenham were dragged straight back to the drawing board

and then Emerson Royal scored an equaliser in first-half extra time to put the game back on track

but they were unable to make it back and had to settle for just one point.


despite the disappointment in the performance

Son Heung-min showed the right attitude towards the fans and the leadership of the squad.

Son Heung-min greeted the Tottenham fans who took their players to the Brentford stadium before the game by approaching the away fans’ seats and doing a scrum.

Together with the players

they shouted cheers to boost morale

and the fans responded with applause and enthusiastically cheered for the players who were playing their first game.

Speaking to English outlet Football London after the game

vice-captain James Maddison himself confirmed that the scrum was Son Heung-min’s idea.

Madison said

Son Heung-min texted me and said he had an idea.

He said that instead of gathering in the middle of the stadium

he had an idea.

I think the fans were happy because they showed us that we were all together.

It was a good idea from Son Heung-min, and thanks to that

we were able to get off to a positive start

he said

praising Son Heung-min’s idea.

Immediately after his appointment as captain

Son Heung-min even had a heated exchange of ideas with vice-captain Maddison

and it seems that he is ready to show his love for the fans and his unity for the season ahead.

On the other hand

the news of Son Heung-min’s appointment as captain was officially announced on the official website of Tottenham on the 13th.

Tottenham said

Son Heung-min came from Bayer Leverkusen in Germany for the 2014/15 season.

He inherited the captain’s armband from Hugo Lloris, who was appointed captain from the 2015/16 season.

James Maddison and Cristian Romero have been appointed vice-captains.

Commenting on his appointment as captain

Son said:

It’s a great honour to be the captain of this huge club.

It’s a big surprise and a very proud moment.

I’ve already told the players that everyone should feel like captains

both on and off the pitch.

He added:

It’s a new season

a new beginning.

I will give everything for this jersey and the armband

he said

adding that he will give his heart and soul to Tottenham as a ‘captain’.

Postecoglou praised Son Heung-min’s leadership and described his captaincy as ideal.

Son Heung-min has great leadership qualities on and off the pitch and was the ideal choice to become our new captain,

he said.

Postecoglou also spoke about Son Heung-min’s influence and skills


Everyone knows that Son is world class.

He has tremendous respect from everyone in the locker room.

It’s not just because he’s popular

it’s because of what he’s accomplished here and in the games as captain of the South Korean national team

he said

explaining that Son Heung-min is the best captain in terms of skill, character, leadership and experience.

In terms of performance, Son Heung-min, who showed disappointment in the opening match, but showed a streak that is not overshadowed by other team captains in terms of leadership, will be of great interest to fans to see if he can perform well in both the captain and ace roles this season.

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